Thor lifting hammer

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thor lifting hammer

sad bat for thor thor trying to get his hammer back:(the sad screaming too:(. Avengers Age of Ultron () - Vision lifts Thor's Hammer - Vision's Birth - Epic Scene - Movie CLIP HD. Avengers Age of Ultron () - Lifting Thor's Hammer - Funny Moment - Movie CLIP HD [p 60 FPS HD.


Mini-Avengers - Lifting Thor's Hammer Instead, What If…Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor? But no matter how, they all got a taste of that power for a panel or two. The Allfather is just into the dead those out like candy on Halloween, it. As a newly empowered Goddess of Thunder, she battled with Thor, but instead of harming him she snagged Mjolnir so that she could destroy Stormcaster once and for all. Rather than being worthy on her own, Mjolnir seems to recognize her as Thor. thor lifting hammer


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